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   |  new interview [german]

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   |  new compilations
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   oct 12th
   |  No Sleep Demon V2.0
   |  released in North America

   oct 10th
   |  releases section
   |  updated

   oct 8th
   |  "Floating" :
   |  Lyrics & Inside

   oct 6th
   |  tour diary

   sep 30th
   |  new concert pics

   sep 29th
   |  Thank you!

   sep 29th
   |  win a tour CD

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   |  new concert pics

   sep 17th
   |  welcome aboard!

   sep 14th
   |  tour starts tomorrow!

   sep 14th
   |  new reviews [german]

   sep 3rd
   |  the prizes go to...

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   |  Tour CD info

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   |  Seabound raffle

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   |  re-release info

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   |  No Sleep Demon v2.0

   jul 15th
   |  tour dates updated

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   |  Seabound live 2004

   jun 15th
   |  PF review added

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   |  2 PF reviews added

   may 18th
   |  news: charts & tour

   may 16th
   |  French charts
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   may 6th
   |  INSIDE updated:
   |  "Poisonous Friend"

   may 4th
   |  "Comatose Rose"
   |  coverstory

   may 1st
   |  "Avalost" on
   |  movie soundtrack

   apr 23rd
   |  new reviews [german]

   apr 22nd
   |  charts, news, &
   |  first EP reviews

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   |  new mp3 downloads
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   apr 7th
   |  lyrics added: "Traitor"
   |  and "Without You"

   apr 7th
   |  releases updated

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   |  new review added

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   |  new review added

   mar 22nd
   |  "In Your Own Words"

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   |  cover story

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   |  EP release dates

   mar 16th
   |  new interview online

   mar 5th
   |  "Dig for Diamonds"

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   |  new review [german]

   mar 3rd
   |  EP cover & tracklist

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   |  EP news, reviews,
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   |  "Beyond Flatline"
   |  out now

   jan 18th
   |  website redesigned

   jan 18th
   |  "Beyond Flatline"
   |  lyrics online

   jan 18th
   |  first "Beyond Flatline"
   |  review online

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   |  press comments

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   |  Trailer for
   |  "Beyond Flatline"

   jan 11th
   |  "White Nights"?

   jan 8th
   |  new mp3 snippets

   jan 5th
   |  Release parties
   |  & new interview

   jan 5th
   |  "Transformer" Rmx
   |  on Septic IV

   dec 24th
   |  Xmas download...

   dec 12th
   |  album cover
   |  & tracklist

   dec 10th
   |  charts, reviews,
   |  & new interview

   nov 25th
   |  DAC entry &
   |  remix news

   nov 24th
   |  "Contact" download:
   |  (Haujobb Rmx)

   oct 27th
   |  "Contact" download

   oct 27th
   |  releases updated

   oct 27th
   |  new lyrics online:
   |  "Contact" & "The Attic"

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   sep 26th
   |  new promo pics

   sep 18th
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   sep 17th
   |  "Contact" finished

   sep 16th
   |  "Contact" in
   |  limited CD box-set

   sep 14th
   |  new interview online

   sep 1st
   |  pics from "Infest"

   aug 29th
   |  single release

   jul 12th
   |  Beyond Flatline

   apr 14th
   |  a sign of life...

        [ 12/05/04 ]
Martin and Frank have started working on the third Seabound album and have finished a first track entitled "Doubleplusungood". There is no definite release schedule to date, but Seabound certainly don't want to keep their fans waiting for new material for too long this time.

Martin and Frank have also collaborated with SARA NOXX and have produced a new version of her clubhit "Colder And Colder". This version features a brand new production by Martin as well as new vocals and extended lyrics by Frank. We are looking forward to receive feedback about this one and will let you know asap when and in which way this version will be released.

Furthermore, Martin completed a Seabound-Mix for HAUJOBB's track "Platform". As soon as we know the details, we will inform you about the release of this track.

Finally, we'd like to add that Frank contributed to "Illuminate", the most recent album by THE AZOIC. Together with lead vocalist Kristy, Frank performed on a cover-version of the 80s classic "Obsession". The track has already found a number of fans. A snippet can be downloaded HERE.

        [ 10/28/04 ]
The first interview with Seabound after their Beyond Flatline Tour was conducted by Kerstin from the SEABOUND-FANSTREAM. She talked to Daniel, Frank and Martin and the interview can be found exclusively on

        [ 10/22/04 ]
On Monday 25 Oct, two compilations are released that feature Seabound material. First, Dependent has compiled "Dependence" to celebrate their 5th label anniversary including rare or unreleased tracks from Dependent bands. The sampler features Seabound's "Traitor", originally released on the Poisonous Friend EP. On the same day, the third installment of the "Advanced Electronics" series (Vol.3) is released as a double CD. This compilation contains a broad spectrum of electronic music ranging from 2Raumwohnung and Schiller with Veljanov to Skinny Puppy. Seabound contribute "Poisonous Friend (Remix)" to this compilation.

        [ 10/12/04 ]
Today  METROPOLIS RECORDS releases "No Sleep Demon V2.0", the updated and extended version of Seabound's debut album, in North America.

        [ 10/06/04 ]
Seabound live drummer Daniel's tour impressions can be found HERE.

        [ 09/29/04 ]
Seabound have returned from their Beyond Flatline Tour 2004. Daniel, Martin and Frank would like to thank all the fans who have made this tour an unforgettable event. Special thanks go to our crew Stefan, Jokke, Christoph, Ela, and Andreas, as well as Per, Sigve, and Svein Joar of  PRIDE AND FALL.

        [ 09/29/04 ]
Dependent Records are giving away some more copies of the limited Seabound / Pride And Fall Tour CD. Join the competition in the DEPENDENT FORUM.

        [ 09/21/04 ]
Seabound's Beyond Flatline Tour with Pride & Fall is in full activity. You still have the chance to see the band live in Frankfurt (22 Sep), Berlin (23 Sep), Leipzig (24 Sep), and in Poznan (PL, 25 Sep). Selected pictures from the first concerts can be found HERE.

        [ 09/17/04 ]
drummer Not few among the Seabound connoisseurs who attended the first gigs from the ongoing Beyond Flatline tour were puzzled when a third protagonist entered the stage with Frank and Martin during the intro to their new live set.
From now on, drummer Daniel Wehmeier supports the band's live shows adding electronic percussions and drums. Welcome aboard!

        [ 09/14/04 ]
Tomorrow, Seabound disembark on their Beyond Flatline live tour. Information on the scheduled dates can be found HERE. We're looking forward to seeing you!

        [ 09/03/04 ]
The winners of the raffle organized by "" are drawn. The prizes go to Dresden, Greifswald, Leipzig, Limburgerhof as well as Philadelphia (USA). Congratulations!

        [ 08/29/04 ]
The exclusive and free CD for all visitors of the Beyond Flatline-Tour was initially supposed to be a 3". It turned out, however, that the four tracks by Seabound and PRIDE & FALL clocked in at a total playing time that was too long for a 3". That's why it has now been decided to press a normal CD (5"). Seabound will contribute the following tracks:

Watching Over You (Beacon In The Night mix)  [ 8:12 min ]
Floating (feat. Andrew Sega)   [ 4:49 min ]

"Floating" involves a collaboration with Andrew Sega of IRIS.

        [ 08/27/04 ]
The Seabound fanpage "" features a raffle closing 2 September. You can win free tickets for the Beyond Flatline tour in September, the limited Tour CD as well as signed copies of the "No Sleep Demon V2.0" CD which is released in Europe on 30 August.

        [ 08/22/04 ]
Martin has written an entry in the Dependent-Forum about the background of the "No Sleep Demon" re-release.

        [ 07/23/04 ]   -edited 08/06/04-
"No Sleep Demon", Seabound's debut album is going to be re-released through Dependent on 30 Aug 2004 and Metropolis on 12 Oct 2004.

click to enlarge
"No Sleep Demon V2.0" will feature improved mixing and mastering and a 12-page booklet with completely new artwork. Apart from the 10 tracks from the original release, this CD includes three additional songs: "Day of the Century", "Hooked (Radical Mix)" as well as the vocal version of "Avalost". Thus, the total playtime of the re-release clocks in at 63:45 minutes.

Another special CD awaits those who attend one of the shows on the upcoming Seabound tour in September. Each ticket comes with a free 3" CD featuring tracks from Seabound and Pride and Fall that will be not be released otherwise.

        [ 07/15/04 ]
Another gig for the Seabound tour in September is now confirmed (09/17/04 - Utrecht, NL - Ekko)

        [ 07/07/04 ]   - updated 07/14/04 -
live We are happy to inform you that the following gigs for the upcoming Seabound tour 2004 (with  PRIDE & FALL ) in September have been confirmed.




Zeche Carl


Together with preparations for the live shows, Seabound are currently working on selected tracks from "No Sleep Demon" for the upcoming re-release of the debut album. Plans are to release a re-mastered version of the album with improved mixing, bonus-material, and completely new artwork. The re-release will also be available in the US.

        [ 05/18/04 ]
dac The inconceivable has happened: "Poisonous Friend" climbs to the top position (#1) of the German Alternative Charts in calendar week 22. Thanks so much to everybody involved in what is the biggest success for the band so far.

And there is more to come: Seabound have begun preparing for new live shows. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed but the band is getting ready to tour Germany as well as neighbouring countries in September. Most probably, Seabound will team up with  PRIDE & FALL (Norway) for this occasion. Currently, there are no plans to tour overseas this year. Check back soon for more information.

        [ 05/16/04 ]
The very first edition of the  FRENCH ALTERNATIVE CHARTS   has just been released. "Beyond Flatline" made it to position 5 in the album charts. The singles charts even lists two Seabound entries with "Poisonous Friend" at 7 and "Contact" at 3. A big "thank you" to our fans in France!

The website offers a recently conducted Seabound-INTERVIEW in English language now.

        [ 05/06/04 ]
In the course of the "Poisonous Friend" release we have just updated the "INSIDE" section. This time, Frank shares his thoughts about the lyrics of the EP's title track.

        [ 05/04/04 ]

Cover 'Comatose Rose'  - click to enlarge

Check out the latest issue of Canadian dark culture print magazine "COMATOSE ROSE" (Issue 10, Summer 2004) for a Seabound cover story as well as interviews with Dismantled, In Strict Confidence, and many more. Issue 10 is available from 15 May 2004. More information and ordering details can be found HERE.

        [ 05/01/04 ]
Cover 'COLLECTED SHORT FILMS' - click to enlargeCanadian independent film maker Philip Martin (Butcherboy) has put together a DVD entitled "COLLECTED SHORT FILMS" including three pieces: Selected Scenes (From The End Of The World), Undertones, and Child's Night Dream. Selected Scenes features Seabound's "Avalost". The DVD includes a theatrical trailer and soundtrack from Selected Scenes, photo galleries and additional extras. Check out the cover HERE and visit Phil's WEBSITE for more information. We keep our fingers crossed for Phil's current negotiations with major studio Universal Canada.

In calendar week 19, the "Poisonous Friend" EP climbs to #2 in the German Alternative Single Charts (DAC).

        [ 04/22/04 ]
Next Monday will see the official release of the "Poisonous Friend" EP (26 April; official US release: 4 May). The 9-track CD is already represented in the German Alternative Charts (DAC): After a successful top bullet position this week, its entry into the single charts in the coming week will be at position #4, which is the highest entry that week. First reviews of the EP can be found HERE.
If you can't wait for the official release, the full Iris remix of "Poisonous Friend" is featured on the CD accompanying this month's ORKUS magazine.

Last but not least Seabound would like to say a special thanks to their Dutch fans as this month's Dutch Underground Charts (DUC) saw "Beyond Flatline" at position 4 and the "Contact" single at position 3.

        [ 04/07/04 ]
Pre-listening snippets of three tracks from the upcoming Poisonous Friend EP (release date: 26 April 2004) can now be downloaded in the MP3 SECTION. In addition to the title track, you can check out the IRIS Remix of Poisonous Friend as well as the previously unreleased "Traitor".

        [ 03/22/04 ]
Seabound are featured in the "In Your Own Words" section of this month's ORKUS magazine (April 2004, Germany). In this section, Frank comments on each track from "Beyond Flatline".

        [ 03/18/04 ]

Cover SYNTHETICS - click to enlarge

Seabound are the cover story in the March 2004 issue of print magazine "Synthetics". The magazine features a brand new in-depth interview about the band, current activities and insights into the album "Beyond Flatline" and the new "Poisonous Friend" EP. It is available via

        [ 03/16/04 ]
DEPENDENT has announced that the new Seabound EP "Poisonous Friend" will be released on 26 April 2004. METROPOLIS RECORDS will release the EP in North America on 4 Mai, 2004.

        [ 03/05/04 ]
In the March 2004 issue of ZILLO magazine, "Beyond Flatline" is one of six "CD tips of the month". The section is called "Dig for Diamonds" and provides a pre-listening service for visitors of the ZILLO website. As long as the March issue is on sale, mp3s from the featured CDs can be downloaded from

        [ 03/03/04 ]
Seabound have finished their "Poisonous Friend" EP. Two versions of the title track were remixed by Olaf Wollschläger who is known both for his remix work (Yello) and for his work as a producer (In Strict Confidence, Melotron). Seabound have also recorded two previously unreleased tracks for the EP. First of all "Without You" which some of you might know from Seabound live gigs plus the brand-new track "Traitor".
Additional remixes were provided by Andrew Sega ( IRIS, THE ALPHA CONSPIRACY), HAUJOBB, CUT.RATE.BOX and STROMKERN. One remix of the title-track comes from Tom Ellard of SEVERED HEADS who released various successful albums on the Skinny Puppy label Nettwerk back in the Eighties.
The release from Dependent Records is scheduled for April. As soon as we have an exact date, we'll let you know.

click to enlarge
    1. Poisonous Friend (remix)
    2. Poisonous Friend (Iris remix)
    3. Contact (Fluke remix by Cut.Rate.Box)
    4. Watching Over You (Haujobb remix)
    5. Without You
    6. Transformer (Stromkern remix)
    7. Traitor
    8. Poisonous Friend (club remix)
    9. Poisonous Friend (Severed Heads remix)

"Beyond Flatline" remains in the Top 3 of the album charts (German Alternative Charts, DAC) for the fifth week now. A very special "Thank You" to all who have contributed to this success!

        [ 02/12/04 ]
Martin and Frank are busy working on the "Poisonous Friend EP". The release will include remixes of tracks from "Beyond Flatline" as well as two exclusive new tracks. In total, the EP might have up to eight or nine tracks. More information about the tracklisting will be released asap.

Meanwhile, "Beyond Flatline" stands its ground at position 2 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). Seabound are "band of the week" in the Canadian magazine INDUSTRIAL-AUDIO.

New interviews (german) are available at OBLIVEON.DE and ELECTRIC-DIARY.DE as well as in the print magazine "DNA six". The REVIEWS section includes two new entries on "Beyond Flatline", more can be found at  RE-FLEXION.DE and MEDIENKONVERTER.DE.

        [ 02/05/04 ]
In calendar week 7, "Beyond Flatline" enters the German Alternative Charts (DAC) at position 2! "Contact" remains in the top 20 of the DAC single charts in its 8th and final week now. We are very happy about the positive feedback and would like to take the opportunity to say "thanks" to everybody involved.

        [ 01/29/04 ]
Seabound are "Electronic Highlight" in the February issue of German SONIC SEDUCER magazine. The issue also features an interview with Frank entitled "elegant sinisterness". The CD that comes with this magazine includes "Transformer".

In calendar week 6, "Beyond Flatline" has entered the bullets of the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

        [ 01/28/04 ]   -edited 01/29/04-
Together with Wumpscut, Icon of Coil, Umbra et Imago, and Secret Discovery, Seabound are featured on the cover of the February issue of German ZILLO magazine. The issue includes a brand new article on the "Beyond Flatline" album and the band. On the accompanying CD, the album track "Soul Diver" can be found. For those of you who want to take a look, here's an EXCERPT from the ZILLO website.

Two days ago, the exclusive "Antiseptic Remix" of the album's opening track "Transformer" was released on the "Septic IV" Dependent label compilation.

We are happy to announce that early in the spring of 2004 there will be another major Seabound release: an EP featuring remixes by some well-known friends as well as unreleased material. We are currently in the process of selecting the songs. Further information will be available here shortly.

        [ 01/23/04 ]
We have added new German reviews of "Beyond Flatline" to the REVIEWS section. Here is a quote from the February issue of  ORKUS magazine:
"Without a doubt, Beyond Flatline is one of the Top 5 electro albums that have ever been recorded in this country (10/10 scores)."
We are flattered!
The accompanying CD compilation features "Torn" (Covenant remix) taken from the "Contact" single.

        [ 01/19/04 ]
The wait is over. "Beyond Flatline" is finally available in stores and via mail-order.
On 20 Jan 2004, DARKERRADIO presents a special feature about the new album.

        [ 01/14/04 ]
Finally, the following monday sees the release of the new Seabound album "Beyond Flatline". Various music magazines have praised the CD:
"Finally! Intelligent German electronics are back!" (Zillo).
"Hopefully, this release will mark Seabound's turning point from underground tip to established electronic act!" (Sonic Seducer)
"The band offers us after only 19 days passed what might become the album of the year 2004!" (Side-Line)
Furthermore, "Beyond Flatline" is "Album of the Month" at  ELEKTRAUMA.

HERE you can find an interview (English) with Frank for the Russian online magazin SYNTHPOP.RU .

Meanwhile, the Seabound single "Contact" is at position 11 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

See you tomorrow at the "Beyond Flatline" release party in the "EVENT-SCHLOSS PULP" (Duisburg, Germany).

        [ 01/13/04 ]
A trailer for "Beyond Flatline" can be downloaded HERE .

        [ 01/11/04 ]
Over the past months we have been asked repeatedly about mp3-files of bad sound quality that are distributed over the internet and tagged Seabound with the album title "White Nights". People speculate that these files are demo versions from the new album "Beyond Flatline" causing increasing irritation.

To end the confusion, we would like to make the following statement:
- These files are NO demo versions of tracks from "Beyond Flatline".
- There is NO Seabound album entitled "White Nights".

Don't ask us why files under this name are circulated through the web. Please keep in mind that anybody can distribute mp3-files under any name on the internet. It is possible that the people who started circulating these files believed them to be demo recordings from the new album. A few months ago, our label announced that we were considering to use "White Nights" as a title for the new album; this idea, however, was dismissed shortly afterwards.

We have not listened to those mp3-files on the internet, but we've been able to identify some song titles that match early Seabound demo recordings from 1996. These mp3s are distributed illegally over the internet. Please understand that we cannot and don't want to provide further information on these tracks.

A list of real Seabound releases can be found  HERE.
Legal Seabound downloads can be found  HERE.

        [ 01/08/04 ]
You can now download snippet versions of three songs from "Beyond Flatline" in the MP3 SECTION. The songs are: Poisonous Friend, Torch, and Watching Over You. Enjoy!

        [ 01/05/04 ]
Seabound wish all friends and fans a splendid 2004; a year that will start with the awaited release of the new album "Beyond Flatline".

The official German release party (incl. raffle) will take place on Thursday, 15 Jan in the EVENT-SCHLOSS PULP in Duisburg (Germany). A US release party will be held 24 Jan in Waikiki (Hawaii) at Club Tabu (a.k.a. Noctuary). [ » FLYER ]

SIDE-LINE magazine nominated Seabound "Artist of the Month" and Beyond Flatline was elected No. 1 of the magazine's CHARTS. The present issue features an all-new INTERVIEW with lots of information about the new album.

A week later, on 26 Jan, an exclusive remix of the album's opening track "Transformer" will be released on SEPTIC 4, Dependent's successful label compilation.

        [ 12/24/03 ]   - edited 01/04/04 -
To shorten your waiting time, Seabound and Dependent offer the complete track "Soul Diver" from "Beyond Flatline" as an mp3 download for a limited period of time.

Seabound wish all their friends and fans a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

        [ 12/12/03 ]
The release of Seabound's new album "Beyond Flatline" is approaching fast. We have received very positive feedback from selected journalists who described the album as diversified, suspenseful, and deep.

click to enlarge
    01 Transformer
    02 Contact
    03 Soul Diver
    04 Digital
    05 Poisonous Friend
    06 Separation
    07 Torch
    08 Go International
    09 Watching Over You
    10 Icarus

"An almost alarmingly perfect electro album! Deeply profound lyrics and music that breaks all conventions - 'Beyond Flatline' is enthralling from beginning to end." (Stefan Brunner/Orkus)

"Beyond Flatline" will be released 19 Jan 2004 in Europa and in the US. The album can already be pre-ordered from selected mail-order services.

        [ 12/10/03 ]
In calendar week 51 "Contact" enters the German Alternative Charts' Top 10 at position 6 of the single-charts.

For more information on the single and the lyrics to "Contact" and "The Attic", you can read an online  INTERVIEW  with German  ORKUS magazine as well as two recent  REVIEWS. The original version of the interview is available in the current issue of  ORKUS.

        [ 11/25/03 ]
"Contact" is the highest entry into this week's German Alternative Charts (DAC) at position 13.

At the moment, Seabound are preparing a remix for the upcoming single release of  THE CRÜXSHADOWS which is scheduled for spring 2004.

        [ 11/24/03 ]
From today, "Contact" is available as a separate CD single. "Contact" has entered the DAC Bullets and made it to position 2. If you don't know the single yet, you can download an mp3 snippet of Haujobb's "Contact" remix  HERE.
Seabound talk about "Contact" in a new interview available in the latest issue of  SONIC SEDUCER (Dec 03 / Jan 04). The magazine called "Contact" "one of Seabound's best songs ever".

Seabound have finished mixing and mastering their new album "Beyond Flatline" and the cover artwork has also been completed. DEPENDENT RECORDS have announced that the album will be released on 19 Jan 2004. North America will see a simultaneous release of the album through  METROPOLIS RECORDS. More details about "Beyond Flatline" will be posted on this site very soon.

        [ 10/27/03 ]
You can download a snippet of Seabound's upcoming single "Contact" HERE.

        [ 10/18/03 ]
We have just learned from Dependent that presales of the "Dependent Club Invasion" box-set that contains the new Seabound CD single "Contact" have exceeded all expectations and that the limited box (1.500 copies) will be sold out shortly after its release. If you want to make sure that you get your personal copy, it's advisable to act quickly.

From 27 Oct 2003, an mp3-snippet from "Contact" can be downloaded from this site.

In addition, the SEABOUND-FORUM, created by Kerstin [ SEABOUND FANSTREAM ] and the SEABOUND-YAHOO-GROUP are open for discussion, exchange of ideas and communication with the band.

        [ 09/17/03 ]
Today the tracks for the upcoming "Contact" CD single were mastered. The CD single will include the title track, two "Contact" remixes - one by Daniel Myer of HAUJOBB and one by ASSEMBLAGE 23 - as well as a remix of the Seabound classic "Torn" by Eskil Simonsson [ COVENANT ]. In addition, the CD single will feature an exclusive track called "The Attic". The total playing time will be 30:05 minutes.

        [ 09/16/03 ]   - edited  10/01/03 -
On 3 Nov 2003, the new Seabound CD single "Contact" will be released as part of the CD box-set "Dependent Club Invasion", some weeks before its official release date. Together with "Contact" the box will include new CD singles by DEPENDENT acts DISMANTLED ["Exit"] and PRIDE AND FALL ["Paragon"]. The strictly limited box-set will be available for the price of a single EP. The official release date for "Contact" will be 24 Nov 2003.

        [ 08/29/03 ]
seaboundNow it's official. There will be a new Seabound CD-single soon. From their new material the band selected "Contact", a track that was completed only a few weeks ago. After testing "Contact" live at Infest 2003 in Bradford, the band is certain that the song has all the required potential and instantly sticks to your memory. Propulsive and powerful, "Contact" provides the familiar combination of strong beats and multi-layered sounds with diversified vocals and a melodic hookline. More on the story behind "Contact" will be posted on this website soon.
"Contact" is scheduled for an October/November release in Europe. At the moment, various well-known musicians and friends of the band are working on remixes, at least one of which will be featured on the release. As a special treat, the single will also include a remix of "Torn", provided by Eskil Simonsson of COVENANT. In addition, the release will feature an unreleased track.

We will offer an exclusive download of a snippet from "Contact" on about a week before its official release, so check back if you are interested.

The release of the new Seabound album "beyond Flatline" has been re-scheduled from November to January. One reason for this decision involves our American distributor who needs the finished product about two months in advance to guarantee a simultaneous release with Europe. Another reason is that Martin and Frank are working hard on the last three tracks to make "beyond Flatline" a one-of-a-kind album that not only lives up to the standard set by "No Sleep Demon", but to make "beyond Flatline" an album that reflects the band's musical and technical development to an extent that Martin and Frank are completely satisfied with.

Rest assured that Martin and Frank are just as curious as you are to finally present their new material. And the wait will soon be over...

        [ 07/12/03 ]
Seabound have now made substantial progress working on the new album and it seems like a good time to announce the title. Just like each individual track, the new album has many facets and layers. Frank and Martin have considered a couple of candidates for the title and have unanimously decided that "Beyond Flatline" provides the best fit. More information about the album will be posted here soon.
In the meantime, Martin and Frank have completed production of the majority of tracks. The album is scheduled for release in November, both in Europe [ DEPENDENT RECORDS ] and in the US [ METROPOLIS RECORDS ]. Those of you who have a chance to visit this year's INFEST in Bradford, UK (23 Aug), will be among the first to hear some of the new tracks which will be performed live there.

        [ 04/14/03 ]
Apparently, some of you fear that Martin and Frank have "disappeared from this earth". Well, here's a sign of life:

Hi there,

yes, we are alive and well and still walking this earth. For a few months we have now spent almost every free minute working on the new album. The results are several songs in different stages. Most of them are in the infamous "almost finished - stage", others are merely drafts, yet others are still in our minds. The songs we have been working on do have enough potential to make it on a very special album, but we'll see...

Writing and recording is a strange process and some weeks ago we had to separate a pair of musical "Siamese Twins". This happens every once in a while when the music and the words/vocal line for a particular track work perfectly on their own but not together. It's quite difficult to finally decide to separate them because words and sound quickly stick together. It's almost like a marriage that is hard to break apart. What can we say - we did it, and the result is a cool track called "Transformer". The new album itself has no title yet though. Don't believe any "working" titles or the like that are floating around.

That's all for the moment. Stay tuned for further information. We will let you know when the demos are finished. Thanks so much for your patience.

Martin & Frank      

P.S.: Thanks to all the friends and fans of our music who have contacted us during the last months. Your thoughts and personal reactions to SEABOUND are very much appreciated. It's you we want to reach!



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