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   |  charts 2004

        [ 12/18/06 ]
With the end of the year approaching fast, here's more news: The latest edition of GOTHIC magazine (No.55) features a new Seabound interview. And another interview can be found online at GOTHRONIC.
Turning the tables, Frank recently interviewed  IAMX  mastermind Chris Corner. This interview can be found at  DARKMOMENTS in the interviews section.
After its success in the German Alternative Charts, Double-Crosser is currently holding the top position in the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) als well as position 3 in the Hellenic Alternative Charts (HAC) and position 6 in the Nordic Alternative Charts (NAC). Thanks again for the amazing support!
        [ 12/01/06 ]
Finally: Double-Crosser climbs to position 1 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC).
Thanks to everybody for their continued support!
        [ 11/23/06 ]
In its third week in the German Alternative Charts, Double-Crosser has climbed to position 2. Furthermore, the December issue of German ZILLO magazine features a follow-up interview with Frank.
"Scorch The Ground (Version)" is featured on a new 2CD compilation called "X-traX Clubtrax Vol. 2" together with I Am X, Retrosic, Covenant, Suicide Commando, and Frozen Plasma, to name just a few fellow artists.
New "Double-Crosser" reviews (including French and Italian language reviews) will be added to this site soon.
        [ 11/09/06 ]
Only about a week after the release of the new album in Germany, we received the following news: Double-Crosser has made the highest entry into the German Alternative Charts (DAC) entering at position 4.
Furthermore, our distributor informed us that the two-disc limited edition is now sold out which means that stores won't be able to re-order from now on. If you want to get hold of a copy of this edition, you should act quickly.

Thanks to all of you for your great feedback and support - it's motivating and rewarding!
        [ 11/02/06 ]
GRENZWELLEN is now offering Double-Crosser as a LEGAL DOWNLOAD. On their homepage, you can also find a new German INTERVIEW conducted by Ecki Stieg. Another legal download option is INDIEMUSIX.DE.
First Double-Crosser reviews can be found HERE.
        [ 10/27/06 ]
Finally, Seabound's new album "Double-Crosser" is released in Germany today. The CD is available as a limited 2-CD set of 2.000 copies worldwide. This set includes a bonus cd.
The standard edition is also released today in Germany and will be available in North America from 7 November.
A new development involves a special Polish release of the standard edition through VISION MUSIC which will also feature slightly different artwork.
        [ 10/20/06 ]
With the countdown to the release of Double-Crosser already on, Seabound have been chosen to be "act of the month" in the November issue of German ORKUS magazine. The current issue also includes an extensive interview. ZILLO, another popular German magazine for the independent scene, features not only a Seabound interview but also the full-length album version of "Scorch The Ground" on the free CD given away with the magazine. This version was co-produced by Eskil Simonsson of Covenant.
        [ 10/15/06 ]
Two more songs from Double-Crosser are now available as MP3 SNIPPETS for prelistening: "Castaway" and "The Promise". First reviews about the album can be found  HERE.
        [ 09/29/06 ]
Samples from "Double-Crosser" are now available in the  MP3-SECTION  of this page, including a snippet from the brandnew track "Domination". Additional mp3 previews will follow.
        [ 09/27/06 ]
cover negatief German Independent magazine NegaTief (issue 04/2006) is now available online and contains a new  INTERVIEW  with the band (in German) as well as a new press picture.

We are particularly happy that the editors chose "Double-Crosser" as their recommended CD for this edition.
        [ 09/15/06 ]
We can now confirm the tracks on the bonus cd available with the limited edition release of "Double-Crosser". The limited edition will come presented as a double digipack with glossy booklet. Remixes are being prepared by OLAF WOLLSCHLÄGER, ROTERSAND and Eskil Simonsson (COVENANT). The latter also contributed to two tracks from the album as co-producer (mixing of "Scorch The Ground", vocal-mixing of "Castaway"). "Asymmetry" is a collaborative track with superb Australian act TANKT who provided the instrumental tracks.


01 The Promise (Club)
02 The Promise (Covenant Mix)
03 Asymmetry (Tankt vs. Seabound)
04 Scorch The Ground (Rotersand Mix)
05 Poisonous Friend (Hymn)

        [ 09/08/06 ]
Album completed

Finally: Two years after the release of their last studio album, Seabound's third album release "Double-Crosser" is raring to go. Mixing, mastering, and cover artwork were all completed at the beginning of this week.
01 Scorch The Ground (version)
02 The Promise
03 Doubleplusungood
04 Sapphire
05 Domination
06 Every Last Grain
07 Castaway
08 October Song
09 Traitor (extended)
10 Breathe
cover double-crosser

The total playing time clocks in at about 50 minutes and mp3-snippets of select tracks will soon be offered from this site.

In addition to the standard jewelcase edition released in Europe and North America, there will be a European limited edition digipack release including a bonus-cd. More information about this limited version can be found on this website soon.

Although no exact release dates have been confirmed at this point, it is very likely that the street date for the European release through Dependent will be 27 October, followed by the North American release through Metropolis in early November.

        [ 08/28/06 ]
It's finally time for good news from the Seabound camp: The band is currently recording the last track for their new album Double-Crosser, scheduled for a November 2006 release. At this point, several friends and colleagues are involved in putting final touches to the band's third album release, including INGO RÖMLING (artwork), ROMAN KASPERSKI (photography) as well as OLAF WOLLSCHLÄGER and Eskil Simonsson of Covenant (co-production for select tracks). COVENANT and ROTERSAND are preparing remixes, and a special collaboration between Seabound and Australian act TANKT is also in the works.

This week, Seabound have been selected Featured Band on VAMPIREFREAKS. Coinciding with this event, the band offers an exclusive pre-listening snippet from the brandnew album track "Sapphire" on their Vampirefreaks profile. Check it out HERE if you like. The lyrics to "Sapphire" can be found HERE.

        [ 07/11/06 ]
North American Tour cancelled

We deeply regret to inform you that Seabound will not be able to join Covenant on their Skyshaper North America tour scheduled for this fall. The reason for this unfortunate turn of events first and foremost lies in the responsibility of the booking agency in the US. A series of organizational failures and miscommunication led to the point when a change of booking agents became the only reasonable action. The inevitable consequence is that the tour is now being postponed, maybe for just a couple of weeks, maybe for longer. As a result, Martin and Frank are no longer able to be part of the tour, because of obligations in their day jobs.

This was devastating news for the band, too, because Seabound were very committed to play this tour and were eager to present their latest as well as brand-new material to their North American fans and friends. Hopefully, there will be another possibility to come over soon. We are already discussing new options and will inform you once the new developments take shape. For the time being, stay tuned for news about Covenant's Skyshaper tour that will eventually take place with a substitution for Seabound in the support line-up.

        [ 06/18/06 ]
New album close to completion

Seabound are working fulltime on their third studio album entitled "Double-Crosser". Recording and mixing are supposed to be finished by August. Dependent and Metropolis have not yet set a release date, but an official release in the fourth quarter of 2006 seems very likely.

The lyrics will deal with "deceit" in all possible ways. From self-deception to betrayal of friends and allies, the album tells stories that boil down to the ultimate question: Will the good in us stand a chance or will lies and deceit seal our fate?

Technically, the full bandwidth of classical Seabound style will be there: electro ballads and club tracks as well as experimental elements. For the new recordings, the Seabound studio was updated and extended to provide the ultimate technical grounds for creating complex landscapes of sound that have become Seabound's trademark.

        [ 06/17/06 ]
tour support "Extended Electronics", a new double CD compilation on Angelstar/Zoomica, is released on 07 July reviving the tradition of extended 12'' versions from the 80s. Alongside bands such as Rotersand, VNV Nation, In Strict Confidence, and Covenant, Seabound contribute a 2006 extended remake of "Traitor" to this release.

        [ 05/21/06 ]    - edited 05/23/06 -
tour support Finally, it's going to happen: After a long wait, Seabound will tour North America once again supporting COVENANT on their "Skyshaper Tour 2006" in September. Opener will be IMPERATIVE REACTION. The current schedule includes about 20 shows in the US and Canada. Seabound will play highlights from their two available albums "No Sleep Demon" and "Beyond Flatline" as well as unreleased tracks from their third album which is currently in the making.
Details about the tour will soon be revealed on this site.

        [ 03/15/06 ]
"Scorch The Ground" has entered this week's   GERMAN ELECTRONIC WEB-CHARTS'  Top 10. Please click HERE and vote for Seabound.

        [ 01/20/06 ]
A first teaser from the next Seabound album will be featured on the upcoming "Septic VI" compilation. This latest installment of the well-known compilation series from Dependent Records will include "Scorch The Ground", a brand-new Seabound track along with additional top-notch electro tracks. The release date is set for 24 February. If you don't want to wait until then, why don't you check out Seabound's MYSPACE PAGE..

        [ 01/19/06 ]
The download portal GRENZWELLEN.DE now offers the SEABOUND BACKCATALOGUE.

Those of you who didn't have the opportunity to get hold of a copy of the rare Beyond Flatline-Tour CD 2004 which has been changing hands for outrageous sums on E-Bay can now obtain the two tracks "Floating" and "Watching Over You (Beacon In The Night Mix)" as an exclusive bonus-download accompanying the Poisonous Friend-EP.

        [ 12/06/05 ]
Seabound are back from Sweden and would like to thank all visitors of this year's ELECTRIXMAS FESTIVAL for a warm welcome and superb support.
Due to miscommunication the Seabound gig unfortunately ended up being 15 minutes shorter than initially planned and the band would like to apologize to their fans.
The reason for this organisational error was a last-minute change of the running order. In the course of events, the organizers failed to inform the stage-crew about the new schedule. When Seabound left the stage after 45 minutes, the stage curtain was closed and all instruments were disconnected immediately. As a result, Seabound could not play an encore.

Our next concert in Scandinavia will be longer - that's a promise!

        [ 11/29/05 ]
Seabound will play the ELECTRIXMAS FESTIVAL next Saturday (3 Dec) in Lund/ Sweden together with Vive la Fête, Combichrist, Dupont, and Code64.

        [ 10/17/05 ]
The first snippet from "The Flight [Lux]" is available for download on WWW.EDGEOFDAWN.DE. Until the EP's European release on 18. Nov. Edge Of Dawn will offer a new listening snippet on a weekly basis.

        [ 10/12/05 ]
Seabound did something completely new and crazy, something no musician has ever done before: they've just created a  MYSPACE  site.

        [ 10/08/05 ]
eod Seabound singer Frank M. Spinath has joined forces with programmer Mario Schumacher to form "EDGE OF DAWN".
Their debut 9-track EP "The Flight [Lux]" will be released on 18 November through  DEPENDENT in Europe and shortly afterwards through  METROPOLIS overseas.
Musically, the project inhabits a space between bands like Covenant, older Lassigue Bendthaus and... Seabound. An advance club single will be distributed among select DJs. This promotional CD includes the title track and an exclusive remix of "The Flight [Lux]" to be heard in European and Amerian clubs soon.

        [ 10/07/05 ]
Finally, here are select  PICTURES from our recent gig in Krefeld. We enjoyed playing live again and had a good time together with Seize, Client, and Clan Of Xymox. Special thanks to our friends and fans who came to see and talk to us.

        [ 06/23/05 ]
Seabound have confirmed another live show for September this year. They will perform together with Clan of Xymox, Client, and Seize at this year's  PLUSWELT Festival on 17 Sept 2005 at "KULTURFABRIK" Krefeld, Germany.

        [ 06/06/05 ]      [ edited 11/02/05 ]
With regret we announce that "" is no longer maintained from 01.06.2005 due to time constraints. We know very well how much work it is to run a decent website and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Kerstin for all her devotion in the past. It's been great to work with you for so long.

        [ 05/18/05 ]      [ edited 05/23/05 ]
Seabound have contributed a remix of  HAUJOBB's "Platform" to their most recent release "Vertical Mixes". Almost 2 years after the release of Haujobb's "Vertical Theory" album, this 13-track release includes exclusive new material as well as remixes and re-interpretations. Apart from Seabound, Haujobb themselves as well as acts like Glis, Hecq, and This Morn' Omina have laid their hands on the tracks. Check it out!

Unfortunately, the track-listing on the European release is erroneous and the same seems to be true for the US release. As far as the Seabound remix is concerned, it is featured as track 08 on the CD, not track 07 as suggested in the booklet. [ » TRACKLIST]

        [ 04/12/05 ]
The London gig was a fabulous experience and the band would like to thank everyone involved!
Remember that there is only one more chance to see Seabound live in the immediate future: On 23 April Seabound will play at  P60 in Amsterdam together with  ANGELS AND AGONY (Headliner) and  NG-PRO. See you there!

        [ 04/05/05 ]
londonDon't forget:
Next Saturday, 9 April, Seabound will be performing in London at "The Garage" (Highbury Corner). We hope to see many of you there.

        [ 03/12/05 ]
Our US label METROPOLIS has begun to provide its musical catalogue to US internet download portals. By the end of May, the full Metropolis catalogue is supposed to be available.

The first places to find Seabound releases digitally will be:
iTunes, Buy Music, Liquid Audio, Real networks, Starbucks, B3, Christian Book Distributors, Sony Connect, Loudeye, MSN, MusicMatch/Yahoo!, Music Net, Music Now, Napster, Next Radio, Mix and Burn, Puretracks, Mediaport, Touchstand, Pass Along/Tenn Pac, Virtual Music Stores (VMS), as well as Peer Impact (Wurld Media).

        [ 02/28/05 ]
Today, "Septic V" (DEPENDENT) is released. Like its predecessors, the CD is a rich source for high quality electronic music with an edge and includes brilliant new music by labelmates Mind.In.A.Box and Dismantled, to name just two. Seabound contribute the MONOZELLE-Mix of "Torch". The CD opens with "Sentinel", a new STROMKERN track featuring Frank's LYRICS and vocals.

        [ 02/21/05 ]
live At the end of last year we received a surprising and unusual present from Toronto filmmaker Jordan Stone: An unofficial video for Seabound's song "Torn".
An online-version of the video is now available, so that we can share Jordan's present with you. You can find the video as well as information about the story behind it HERE.

        [ 02/09/05 ]
Seabound's "Poisonous Friend" remix has recently been released on "Orkus Presents The Best of 2004 - Part 2" alongside tracks by Wolfsheim, Skinny Puppy and The Klinik.

        [ 02/08/05 ]
Seabound have just confirmed another live show. On 23 April they will perform in Amsterdam's  P60.  ANGELS AND AGONY will be headlining and  NG PRO will open this three-band-night. We hope to see many of you in Amsterdam!

        [ 02/03/05 ]
live Seabound's first live gig in 2005 will take the band to London. On 9 April Seabound will perform at "The Garage" (Highbury Corner) supported by PRIDE AND FALL.

We've just received word from Dependent, that the remaining "Beyond Flatline" tour-CDs are going to be given away at the concert for free as long as supply lasts. So, if you want to get your hands on a copy of this limited CD with two tracks by each band unavailable on any other release, don't show up too late.

        [ 01/13/05 ]
On 28 February DEPENDENT's appraised Septic series heads into the fifth round. Seabound contribute an unreleased remix of "Torch" re-created by Ingo Römling (aka MONOZELLE) who has also been responsible for the cover artwork of Seabound's "No Sleep Demon V2.0" and the "Poisonous Friend" EP.
Septic 5 also contains a new STROMKERN track ("Sentinel") featuring Frank's LYRICS and vocals.

        [ 01/05/05 ]
Seabound send their best wishes for a great new year 2005! We have just received a few chart results we'd like to share:

The "Poisonous Friend" EP climbed to position 6 of the Top100 singles from 2004 listed in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). "Beyond Flatline" finished the year at position 20 in the DAC-Top50 album charts. Seabound reached position 2 in the DAC category "TOP SINGLE ACT NATIONAL".

The band would like to thank all their fans for their support in 2004, the most successful year for Seabound so far. Many thanks last but not least to contributors to MUSICFOLIO.COM who voted "Beyond Flatline" at position 9 in the category "Best Albums of 2004".



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